Substances 101: Intro to Drugs

Substances 101: Intro to Drugs

Let’s go far, far back to the time before psychedelic substances; 8th grade. (Bad, I know) Just like any other young kid, I had my apprehensions of trying weed. But, when I was invited to join in on an adolescent session for the first time, I immediately knew my answer. Around 10 PM, a close friend and I began our trek over to the girl’s apartment where we had been invited. We both lied to our parents of our whereabouts (the good ol’ days) because to an 8th grader, that was late. We got there, and climbed in through her bedroom window. The smell of skunk immediately pervaded my nose. We made small talk for a couple minutes before she popped the all-important question, “You guys want to get high?” After our positive response, she want into her closet and pulled out an baggie of mids and a paper towel roll with an aluminum foil bowl (Not ideal, but glass as well as Dank was a lot harder to get a hold of back then). She packed herself a “bowl,” lit, and exhaled. Smooth. She re packed it and handed it to my friend, who replicated her actions perfectly. Now it was my turn. My emotions at this point were mixed, I was excited to try weed because I had only heard good things but at the same time anxiety because I had never done something like that before. Hesitantly, I lit and inhaled. Immediately the hot smoke hit my throat and I began to convulse with coughs. Embarrassing, I know. At this point, I had already tried cigarettes, but they couldn’t have prepared me for this harshness. I didn’t even really get much of a hit, which I vocalized. The girl explained how to properly hit it, to inhale as if I was taking a breath, then packed me another one. I hit this one, following her instructions, and still died from a coughing fit. But I had hit it correctly. About 5 minutes passed and I realized how warm I felt all over my body, and how time seemed to slow. Every time I would look around, I saw life in a sort of frame-by-frame vision. I was high, and I loved it. After pulling one more round we decided it would be a good idea to walk over to Walmart, as we didn’t want to go home and waste our high. And we basically spent the majority of our experience in Walmart doing what we thought was fun at the time, and eating Arby’s. Looking back, trying weed is sort of what propelled me into a totally different community and helped me realize what is important to me in life. What I didn’t know at that time though was that me smoking weed, would greatly aid in my quest of reaching new spiritual highs. Which would, in turn, truly open a whole new plane of divinity.


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